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Saving Dad, The New York Times bestselling book by Matt Janes.

Matt was just three years old when he first witnessed the devastating effects of his dad’s depression. Saving Dad is the story of a lifetime lived alongside his dad’s bipolar disorder. It’s about its mental and physical impact not just on his dad, but his wider family. And it’s about the questions it prompts about his own mental health and wellbeing, and his search for purpose.

We see the complexity and close bond of the father-son relationship, as Matt and his family negotiate the highs and lows and look for ways to support his dad’s wellbeing. Moving, inspiring and warm, Saving Dad is a story about mental health, told from a new perspective. His approach is personal, optimistic and poignant, as he pursues the ideas and answers that will help him save his dad.


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    5 star reviews Saving Dad Matt Janes
    I couldn’t put this book down. A truly inspiring story and amazing outcome. You MUST read this book, you MUST read this book!!!
    (Dean Worrall)

    5 star reviews Saving Dad Matt Janes
    An amazing story
    What an amazing story. My wife was on holiday at the time of reading it, she rang me up and I told her had almost finished it because it had captured my heart. (She replied that’s unusual for you it normally takes 12 months for you to read a book.)

    What a son Matt is to his Dad and Mum, it is such a remarkable story. Having met both Matt and his wife prior to reading the book made it very personal to me. It describes the struggles of living with the difficulties of bipolar and also the struggle to help find a way through research and medication, which had been dismissed by many, to enable a better quality of life for his dad.

    The story had a lot of similarities to someone I knew which I reflected upon as I was reading it and it gave me a greater depth of understanding in the difficulties encountered.

    Matt and his wife are both such great people in also helping others come to terms with cancer, it takes a lot of courage. I full recommend reading this book.
    (Ray McGivern)

    5 star reviews Saving Dad Matt Janes
    An amazing read
    A fascinating, eye opening, emotional read. Matt brings his rollercoaster story to life in a very honest and descriptive way. A really compelling read.

    His determination in searching for his true purpose and to ultimately find a solution for ‘Saving Dad’ should make everyone think hard about the importance we all need to place on our own mental health and those of our close friends and family.

    I truly hope his book can help others as they strive to achieve a state of mental wellness in their personal and professional lives.

    Thank you Matt for sharing your story.
    (Mr S.)

    5 star reviews Saving Dad Matt Janes
    Fabulous read
    I read it cover to cover, interrupted by a bus ride during which I almost missed my stop! Matt Janes has written a truly inspirational book, detailing his and his father’s fights against depression and his father’s against mental illness (he is bipolar).

    A true story told with compassion, love and honesty, Matt is simply incredible, researching, reading and finally developing his own protocol to treat his father, non-pharmaceutically, he found his own true calling himself, proving that in the end, the heart knows best.

    This deserves to be on the bookshelves of all ‘alternative’ therapists and openminded hospitals around the world.

    Simply wonderful. Congrats to you, Matt Janes!
    (Alex 1973)

    5 star reviews Saving Dad Matt Janes
    The findings in this book should not be ignored by the medical profession
    I can’t stop telling everyone I come across about this book. It was gripping from beginning to end and such a pleasure to read as it is so well written. Although the story is heart breaking at times the findings at the end must surely encourage the medical profession to do more research in this area and help save other people like Matt’s Dad.

    It is a really fascinating and hopeful story that anyone suffering, or knows of anyone suffering, from depression and bi-polar disorder should read. Let’s hope this is the start of some fruitful discoveries in this area.
    (Amazon customer)

    5 star reviews Saving Dad Matt Janes
    Truly inspirational
    Saving Dad is a truly inspirational book. It celebrates the power of hope and courage amidst adversity, and will surely provide encouragement to other sufferers of mental illness, as well as their families. Matt’s pursuit of an answer to his dad’s depression should prompt further investigations into how nutrition can resolve this disease. Highly recommended!
    (Paul Douglas)

    5 star reviews Saving Dad Matt Janes
    Inspirational, moving and a good read!
    Wow! I’ve just finished reading Saving Dad. I found this true story really moving and truly inspirational! The author has nailed it as a writer as I found it a really easy going read and totally absorbing. You get the sense that the family are incredibly strong to have been at the centre of mental suffering for so many years. Highly recommended ??
    (Peter Cade)

    5 star reviews Saving Dad Matt Janes
    An inspirational read which will inspire others
    An excellent and insightful look into the unseen issues regarding mental health and its impact on a family. The story of an emotional journey for Matt and his family, which I could not put down, ounce I started to read. This book should help and inspire others to look at alternatives and never give up. Well done. X
    (Debbie Booth)

    5 star reviews Saving Dad Matt Janes
    An inspirational and truly honest account of a family’s crusade
    This book was such a gripping read that I found it very difficult to put down. This is in part down to his incredible story, which is inspirational and proves that you must never give up, especially when there is no clear positive outcome. But also because his writing style is very easy to read; especially when detailing such horrid circumstances where he allows the reader full disclosure.

    An excellent account of his battle and I must applaud him for being so honest, which will undoubtedly help many people who read this book. A MUST read.

    5 star reviews Saving Dad Matt Janes
    A truly inspiring story giving hope to others suffering with mental health
    I was so moved and touched by this book even besides knowing Matt and his family. Truly truly inspiring and incredible how far Matt went to help his Dad. It opens your eyes to mental health, the darkest days and battles people face. A must read for all and gives hope to those suffering and battling with their mental health daily. Well done Matt!
    (Miss Sarah A Macvean)

    5 star reviews Saving Dad Matt Janes
    Couldn’t put it down
    An incredible book, revealing the highs and lows of mental illness and the experience of a son in his unending search to improve the quality of life for his dad. Emotional, real and some humour even in the darkest times. Full praise to Matt in recognising the potential and pursuing an untrodden path.

    A must read.
    (M R Diprose)

    5 star reviews Saving Dad Matt Janes
    Emotional and compelling…but tinged with hope
    A compelling and personal insight into the impact mental health can have on a family. The story is an emotional rollercoaster but ultimately it’s strength is it’s hope as the author investigates alternative treatments and approaches to mental health.
    (Christian Oliver)

    5 star reviews Saving Dad Matt Janes
    A must read for alternative depression cures
    A fantastic read and One that I finished in a couple of days. It is so caring on the one hand and, on the other, offers real hope for alternative treatments for depression.
    (Chichester reader)

    5 star reviews Saving Dad Matt Janes
    Amazing read, couldn’t put it down. Read it twice and will read it again. Inspirational.
    (Amazon customer)

    You can listen to the author, Matt Janes, read the prologue and first chapter of Saving Dad here.

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